10 Types of Product Photography

10 Types of Product Photography

Product photography is where we look and where we go. Scanning the web or looking at magazines, Brochures and outdoor advertisements, we often see a variety of products for sale and a variety of product photography for advertising. Photography is very important for selling products. Images are crucial to supporting the company’s brand and converting it into sales.

For example, consider online shopping. You are looking for a new camera pack for your gear. You go to your favorite online camera store where you already bought. Would you buy if the website you visited only had written description of Chances are most people won’t be satisfied.

Product photos provide proof of product features. Most buyers first look at the photography of the product and then read the description to make sure the product is right for them.

Product photography tells you a lot about the size, shape, color of the item and even how it is used. There are many types of product photography. From simple studio product images to live style approaches, product in action, product line group photos, product packaging and more. Here we will discuss 10 types of product photography and some tips to get to each one that will help you.

Simple Studio Product Shots

Product photography is hotter than ever and the reason is simple. In our online shopping world, where millions of products are sold online, there is a great need for good, clean, product photography. Different types of product photography will require different approaches to display the specific product. A bottle of perfume, for example, would require a different lighting approach than product packaging. Because the surface of the product is different. For online retailers who sell a variety of products, it takes speed and skill to create product images to sell products. This could mean that they have a clock in a studio that does not move. All products are shorted with static setup.

White Background Photos

White background product shorts are more common than any other background and there are several reasons for this. The first reason is to create a ‘knockout’ of the product where it appears to be floating in the background. Using photography or a similar program, you can select the product and move it to the background. You can then set it to a pure white background or float in a multi-image layout. Amazon is a great place to see products kept in white. Most of their product background are white.

Using Scale to Show the Size of the product

Scale creation is a photography method that determines for the viewer how big or small a product is. It helps the buyer to see the product and how to use it and it helps them to imagine how the same product might work for them.

Product Grouping

A way to show the group product options to him. These can be a collection of women’s makeup that includes multiple variations of group products or the same product that comes in variations. Grouping is a way to show the variety and size of products in a product photo.

Products and Lifestyle Action Shots

Virtue photography in context shows the product used in the way for which it was designed.

In this case I took picture while doing yoga exercises; I saw how the product fits with it.

Some design creates another catalog or web page that displays the product and the underlying aspect of the product In use. Here we look pictures of the outside of the skateboard and later took pictures of different colors of shorts in the studio in contrast to white. The designer then knock-out everything from the white background and overlaid it next to the skateboard action picture. This method allows the buyer to see the product itself and see how the product looks when used. It guides viewers to focus only on the product, allowing them to decide if the product is what they want.

Studio Setup

Many products are shot in the studio and the primary reason is complete control. You can keep your product in a photo-like position and not worry about anything floating in the air. Or you can create a setup that won’t change the way you move products in and out when taking pictures of each format. Volume is just as important when photographing a product, creating a light that will require little change when you fine-tune your products.

‘Lay-downs’ clothing is a fairly common method for people. They work well and are a common photography technique due to the quick setup. No matter where the camera is looking from top to bottom it allows us to show each product here as desired or overlapping. What is lacking with the lay down method is the 3 dimensional look of the dress.

The use of Mannequins for clothing display gives the product a more 3-dimensional look. Mannequins come in a variety of shapes and body shapes and allow different poses to be worn for optimal inspection.

Non-Traditional Product Images

Occasionally there is a need for photo of products that do not display a product. These are setup, illuminated and staged just like a product image featuring a product, but there is no specific product in the image. This type of product photography does not sell a product but sells an idea.

There are no products specifically for sale to present wrap gifts or gift wrap ideas, but stores can use images to promote their holiday sales and gift wrapping services.

The photoshoots of this product are made with the some idea, except that it represents the celebration of birthday’s anniversaries, etc. There is nothing special about the sale in the photo of this product, yet this image refers to the celebration. Cakes and gifts are part of the event where customers can use it.

Hanging Products

Like mannequins used for clothing, you can hang some products to make them look more 3-dimensional. A magazine Advertising product for Shoes Different types of photography I Hung these rock climbing shoes from several poles using a fishing line. When the poles are moved farther away, the shoe shows three more dimensions. Then, using Photoshop, the graphic-designer removes the background and finishing line for a 3-dimensional, floating look seen on the right.

Large Products

Large products may present some challenges depending on their size and weight and the ultimate purpose of the product image. Depending on the product, location, lighting and shooting techniques may be similar to smaller products, but on a larger scale. A magazine advertisement for the chalk bag this group of climbing talkbacks was photographed as a product. While it would have been easy to create a small set up and photograph each bag individually, the art director wanted a picture containing all the bags.

The first reason is the effort to add a picture of each bag to the layout once versus a photo where all the bags are. Another reason is that the idea of advertising seems to take all the bags away. Photographing each bag separately requires an adjustment of how each bag’s perspective can be followed. This was not possible, so the bags were placed on a white seamless background on the floor. I then used on extension book to get high enough to get all the bags in the camera frame.


Finally, good, clean and effective product photography is important for you and your business brand or your client’s business and the most important idea to understand is to choose the right strategy for each product. Each product requires a method that best displays that product. In simple words metal and glass are usually illuminated by creating reflections on the surface of the product. Packaging like cardboard requires more standard lighting methods that create highlights and shadows and outdoor clothing can benefit by adding complementary lighting to show the shape and texture of the product. Depending on where and how the product images are used, be sure to capture enough photos for the intended use. Amazon, for example, allows multiple photos with a list of each product.

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