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Are you going to strat Amazon as a seller but can’t decide what to do to get the perfect product photography? If you are in the right place then we can give you some super handy Amazon product photography tips that will help you in your need.

Read Amazon Photography Guidelines

Before you get started, you need to know how to look at Amazon product photos. Fortunately Amazon has already set some basic rules for the photography requirements of their products. While these shots may seem daunting to learn at first, it’s actually quite easy to follow. So let’s take a look at some of the important things below. Remember that these are not done, the rest will be available on Amazon’s official website.

Images should only be uploaded in TIFF, GIF and PNG file for format. Images must be 1000 px or more. Color mode should be set to sRGB or CMYK. Name the file with full identification code with appropriate file extension. Products other than book music and DVDs should fill about 85% of the photo frame and book music DVD’s should 100% of the photo frame.

Use a Pure White Background

While white backgrounds may seem a bit too common to many people, most E-commerce platforms require a pure white background for product images. The same goes for product photography for Amazon. This means that you need to set the RGB value to 255 in three places. The rationale behind this requirement is that white background provide maximum focus on the product, minimize background distractions and at the same time work to highlight product details that make the product look attractive.


Make Sure that Product Details are fully Visible

No one can be persuaded or attracted to buy a product that does not show clarity in all the details of the product. It is important that the images you are sharp and in high resolution. In this case it is better to use manual focus. Also adjusting to other features like ISO or white shutter speed can prove to change the whole feel of your product image. Everyone like to see clear details to make sure there are no flaws in the product or to make up their mind about buying the product o the best option here is to take pictures of you with professional camera if possible.


Take Photos from Multiple Angles and in Different Orientations

One things that goes hand in hand with capturing all the details of the product is taking pictures of the product from different adaptations. It helps the customer understand what the product looks like in real life and gives them the transparency they need to buy the product online. The advantage of Amazon is that you will get up to four pictures you can upload for a signal product. So you can click all the different orientations and many images in the corner while photographing the product and then upload to see the best.

Keep Your Product’s Scaling Correct

Customers often complain that they do not understand the size of the product when ordering online and are later disappointed when they see the product in real life. But this is a completely valid allegation because no one sits next to the rulers when shopping online and not everyone has the ability to make accurate guesses to understand the size of the product by its written dimensions in the product description. So it is very important that you do not look too big or too small. So all you do is click your images at eye level and at a distance so that the product meets about 85% of your photo frame according to the Amazon product photography requirements.

Extra Light Can Make a Huge Difference of Amazon Photography

Although photography plays a major role, it is not uncommon for natural light to work best in some cases. You can hone your photography skills by adding some extra lighting equipment to your photoshoot setup. You can use ordinary light bulbs but they may have colored undertones so LED lamps may work best in such situations. But if you are looking for a more professional setup then you can find yourself a lightbox or a ring light that gives you the extra amount of brightness you need to make your photos look better.


Using A Tripod is a Good Practice

Sometimes shaking the camera is inevitable if you can trust your hand. Tripods are an underrated product outside of the photographers know their true value. This makes a significant difference in image quality by keeping the camera steady and holding it while you continue to capture images. Another advantage of using a tripod is that you can get rid of the expected pain  by constantly twisting your neck to correct any of your pictures. The tripod lets you move your camera to any desired angle while still. So the image of your product is of the sharpest quality.

Take Lifestyle Image in a Minimalist Setting

In order to further persuade your customers to buy your product, you need to make some more effort to enliven your background setting by clicking on your image in a short look lifestyle setting. We suggest that you limit the setting to dull  tones in terms of color so that the focus is on your product. Manual focus is best for this type of photoshoot because you can blur the rest of the background a bit and show that your product is relevant for use in real life situations. Combining manual focus with the third rule works best to give you amazing results.

Product Packaging for Amazon Photography Makes you More Transparent

After all, a picture of your packaged product only boosts customer confidence in you as a seller. This helps the customer to know what their parcel will look like and therefore reduces the chances of opening the parcel in the wrong way. Then you have to deal with less customer problems and at the same time be able to build customer confidence in you. So we talked about Amazon product photography. Hope you found our discussion informative and helpful. Good luck with Amazon product photography.

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