Best Cheap Camera

So today’s question says hey Chris, I want to buy my first DSLR next year, but I’m not sure which one to get nice to be on the cheaper side of things. But first off that’s really cool that you want to get your very first DSLR. I remember when I got mine at around about 15 years ago. It was a great experience and it really changed the way I looked at photography. I mean back then I mean we were using pretty much just point and shoot cameras and they weren’t great there were still on film then I got a DSLR and it really opened up. So many different opportunities with different lenses and just a different way of looking at photography. So I’ve got a couple of different cameras here for you that I think might work well for you and the great thing is that in 2019 there really are a lot of different options for Budget cameras this year. We’ve had quite a lot of cameras come in at it quite a low price range. So hopefully I’ll get a find something that will work for you. So the very first one that I would probably recommend if you’re looking for something Ultra budget is either this one here began in 2008 or the county. Evan or the Canon 4000 D now, depending on where you are. These might have different names in there might be a little bit hard to get but hopefully at least got to give you some options. So let’s talk about the Canon 4,000 D first now this is it right here. This is actually cannons cheapest DSLR.

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Does have a different lens on it at the moment. I’ve got an 85 millimeter portrait lens on it. So it doesn’t actually come with this but it normally comes with an 18 to 55 millimeter kit lens. This is a really nice dislike. It just getting started. Let’s say you just starting from something like your smartphone and you want to pick up a DSLR and you have no idea how to use it. This is probably going to be one of the better options for you to do that because it’s kind of got rid of all the bells and whistles that you have on more like higher end is last and it really has been stripped down to be quite

Easy DSLR to use so the menu system on here is very basic. It’s going to teach you exactly what each different setting is going to be and a lot of it can also be set into auto mode which as a beginner using it is that I don’t think is actually a bad thing. So this one here is going to come in and around about $500 depending on where you’re coming from. Sometimes it might be 450. Sometimes it might be further in 50, but really that’s about as cheap as you really get for a new immediate Ursula and it’s actually pretty good value. So How have they made this camera here cheaper well few different things if we look on the back, we’ve got a DSLR screen that doesn’t have a flip-out screen. It’s just one little screen. And in fact, this screen here is actually quite a lot smaller than all of the other screens.

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For example, we’ve got the Canon 70D screen here. You can see this one flips out. This one is a little bit bigger and also just the things on the back, you know, you’ve got your buttons. They’re a little bit different there a little bit maybe lower budget, but for most things this is going to work really well. Now other things that we’re missing on this camera, unfortunately good video quality. So it still does shoot video in 1080P, but it doesn’t have great auto focus and it doesn’t have the microphone Jack. So if you want to use a camera for vlogging this isn’t going to be the one for you one for you. But it can be a great little camera photography so he can pick this one up in a good price. I wouldn’t mind taking a look at the Canon 4080.