Best Free Graphic Design Software in 2022

So today we’re gonna look at three three pieces of graphic design a software to analysts first on our list of free graph. Design software is inkscape. Inkscape is an open source Vector editor.

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Similar to programs like illustrator. So it has pretty much all of the standard tools of a vector editor can add shapes like such we have our pencils are pin tools brushes. We can add text you can see and edit said to text one specific feature. I really like is the ability to just resize text anyway you want Of having to do so through the font itself. So inkscape can’t quite do everything that illustrator can do it can do a lot of it and it certainly is a great alternative for free. Our next free graphic design app is on the opposite of the design software Spectrum. This is photoscape X and it is photo editing software.

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But you can do a lot of simple Graphics inside the program, which I really like. Please take this picture of me from my YouTube profile pic. And then we have lots of editing options here on the side and here in the insert tab we can do all kinds of stuff design-wise like shapes and text and figures and even other images. I have a full tutorial of how to use

Keep extra designs on the – Studio channel so you can certainly check that out as well for a more in-depth look into this program. And finally we have something kind of in between those two. It’s gravity designer graphic designers are pretty new program to me. I’m excited to learn it. I’ve tried it out just a little bit so far.

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-02 at 4.51.42 PM.jpeg We’ll choose something from a template just so we have something to edit. It’s somewhere between an illustrator and Photoshop. We have layers here, you know, headed all the text and the shapes and everything. There we go free design software. I use inkscape and photoscape all the time, but I just start adding my to use photoscape extra designs on the – Studio channel. So you can certainly we have layers here. There we go free design software. I use inkscape and photoscape all the time, but I just Started using gravity. So you have any tips for me on how to best use grab it.


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