Best Video Editing Software for Mac

I want to cover the different areas of the best video editing software because I know the you it may be that your budget is quite low at the moment. You may be getting into video editing for the first time all you may be looking at it at a professional level. Maybe you’ve used the basic stuff and now you’re ready to move on to the next level. So I’m going to break the video down into a few different areas. Really into budget-friendly into feature set and like how easy the programs are to use. So if you’ve got a Mac it clear option I think for free is my movie. This is included with every nook free of charge. It’s made by Apple. It’s like a cut down version of Final Cut Pro 10 and and it’s actually very very good. You’ve got multiple video tracks multiple audio tracks that’s effects and their this titles you can upload directly. WhatsApp Image 2020-09-01 at 3.06.45 PM.jpeg YouTube and it’s very very easy to use and even import footage very easily from your iPhone – now if You’re moving up a level in you. You know, I won’t be more than that. I really want to take filmmaking seriously and video editing seriously and maybe you want to get into the industry can actually get free versions of avid media composer. It’s called Avid media composer first and I’ll put a link in the description below now Avid media composer. I think it’s one of those video editing softwares where it feels like it’s being left behind. It feels to me like it’s just being used by the older generation, but trust me any professional level Studio or Film Studio you We will still be still be using media composer. WhatsApp Image 2020-09-01 at 3.07.33 PM.jpeg Still one of the best-selling keyboards here at this case as well. So it just shows that the audience is still there now next its DaVinci Resolve. Do you want to do a little bit of color correction if you want to get

The area a little bit more complex than I maybe DaVinci Resolve is also free and it’s incredible the software like this is available for free what I would say the pros and cons are 420 resolve. Is that obviously the biggest Pro is that it’s free. It looks very nice. If you’re coming from maybe final car or even I may be it has that same kind of UI has that same kind of thing. So just from user usability point of view, but I think it makes it Little bit easier than media composer to jump into but with that said it has so many pages now has an ingest it has a cut page as an edit page as stuff the color correction stuff for audio correction, so it can be seriously overwhelming. I mean if you want to do this as a full-time job get it because you know, there’s nothing in the program have really do for free. So that’s DaVinci Resolve will put a link in the description below if you want to check that one out now, there’s two Proper serious recommendations and if you are Mac then Final Cut Pro 10 is often the most obvious choice. The advantages are Final Cut Pro 10 is that it’s made by Apple. So it works pretty flawlessly with your Mac is very little render time. It’s very very fast. It’s very easy to use especially if you’ve been using iMovie, which is free and you jump WhatsApp Image 2020-09-01 at 3.09.55 PM.jpeg

Final Cut Pro 10 hit in the way on the Apple website. I found it for you. I’ve put the link below in the description. So make sure you check that out. If you want to use Final Cut Pro 10 for 3 days. If you do want to buy it’s roughly 299 pounds here in the UK. The price does vary depending on your region. But the beauty of Final Cut Pro 10 at that price is that the updates are free.

So you don’t have to pay for a new version every single year really? It sounds like a lot of that about of money but for video editing package that you can use for year-on-year professionally and it has everything you could possibly need in most film editors. It’s very very good value for money. I believe it’s very very good. Its limitations are the competitor the Adobe Creative Cloud, which I’m going to recommend next. Is that the Integrations It has are quite as good as premieres. It’s maybe not used as much as Premier in the industry. And if you have a job and then you usually using a Mac and Final Cut and then you get a job at a studio. They say right Ron premiere on a PC. You may struggle to make that jump there is quite some differences between Final Cut Pro via which you know, quite no reports is often best to stick with one rather than jumping backwards or forwards. I mean if you can

Don’t know roughly what to do, but it’s just finding your way through menus and things like that which make it very difficult. So that’s Final Cut don’t be Premiere is probably what I would recommend a lot of mysterious video editors. WhatsApp Image 2020-09-01 at 3.12.09 PM.jpeg

Simply because if you get it on a Mac or PC, which is great, if you ever decide to move back to a PC or to PC for the first time and it has great integration with programs like photoshop with Adobe After Effects, if you want to do some additional special effects use it directly with a link with in After Effects. You just going to right-click a flip and go straight in and pull it back out. If you cleaning up audio, you can buy click the audio and take it to addition clean up and it just comes back into any other perfectly.

Why would say the downsides are is that it’s a little bit slower than Final Cut just out of the box, you know, a premier handles graphic art graphics cards a little bit better. So depending on your system. It may work better. Generally. You’ve got MacBook Pro May file top vendors and works a little bit quicker just out of the box secondly is the price so final time. You have to check out this big lump sum and you’ve got the the software their Premier has a few different options. You can pay for on a monthly basis, which Which for some people the cash flow is potentially quite good if you’re only paying for 40 50 dollars a month for the entire Creative Cloud, we’ve got more tools at your disposal and you know, if you’re getting a job every month to a cash flow may be better for you as an accounting purpose. If you’re a student and you wanna use Premier there’s a whole heap of student discounts. We can get the entire Creative Cloud package either one app or the entire package usually feel like more than 50% off but

Times of the editing stuff it’s it’s about as difficult to use as Final Cup, but it’s great training out there