Body Slimming with Liquify Tool in photoshop

Now we’re going to do is look at the liquify tool. This is a tool that allows us to smooth things out. I’m you’ll see a lot of times when people are trying to push in love handles or pieces of fabric or just moving something out of the way works. WhatsApp Image 2020-09-01 at 12.15.30 AM.jpeg

Wonderfully on a dark where it’s a solid background. Sometimes if you have like grass or something like that it’ll actually bend the grass and I can kind of show you example that if I remember to do that here, but basically what we’re going to work on here is working on smoothing this fabric out here.

These little bumps in the fabric in through here. And then I possibly pushing this leg back up just a little bit. So the compression right here makes the like kind of take that weird angle. So I thought probably the easiest way to do that would be just come in here and what we’re

Ben do is duplicate the layer. So we’re going to command J to duplicate the layer and then we’re going to come up to the filters in Hit liquefy And basically that will take us into this screen.

Let me get the magnifying glass and kind of zoom in on the center section to start with. WhatsApp Image 2020-09-01 at 12.15.56 AM.jpeg

Grab my little shove brush here. We’re going to boost up the brush a little bit. So it’s a little easier to work with here. And what I want to do is shove this area back in and kind of smooth out around the back. So we have some little bumps that we can kind of just shove in just a little bit and kind of just smooth that out. We’re going to kind of push into fabric here on the back of the bottom and then come down here and we’re actually going to kind of straighten this out through here. So what we’re going to do is kind of pull this section down a little and then shove this back up a little bit.

Works really seamlessly. It’s not just a really nice tool to work with now. What we have is I like to kind of pull push this up just a little bit because when you sit on a chair at kind of shoves the leg up its kind of really awkward angle for the leg and it hurt her leg definitely isn’t that that thick but it just kind of makes it squish out as much as possible there. So what I did is I actually grabbed the masking tool and we’re going to mask the chair here because we don’t want to change the chair.

So that’s to add mask and this is actually subtract mask a little bit. So we’re going to kind of come in here and just kind of pull that back a little bit. WhatsApp Image 2020-09-01 at 12.17.12 AM.jpeg

Go back in and grab the move tool increase the brush size because going to be working a really large area here and I’m going to kind of keep it back. You can move something moves a real dramatic if you put the little cursor on there, but if you actually pull back a little bit, so you start here. Yeah, you click on your mouse going to shove down. It makes a lot more gradual pushes. So it they’re not quite as dramatic as we’re gonna get you just come in here. Just shove it back up a little bit. I try and keep it as smooth as possible. So we don’t we don’t get any jerkiness to it. Now. I did notice there was a little tweaking thing up here. So I’m going to kind of zoom in on this area here. There’s just that little nip and you could get rid of that with a brush tool or a stamp tool or there’s a bunch of different ways. You can get it. But since we’re in here, what I’m going to do is just go ahead. WhatsApp Image 2020-09-01 at 12.18.14 AM.jpeg

And grabba just kind of shrink this down and just kind of shove this back down in pretty easy to take care of once you’re in here and that kind of takes care of that and if you don’t want you can actually come in here and kind of Squish this down a little bit.

I just kind of smooth it all out. So we click okay, and it’s gonna basically make all that put all that stuff together on the image. And then we’re going to just kind of zoom in here a little bit. And once you the reason why I do the act of the duplicate the layer is because now you can come in here and click toggle it on and off and see if the adjustments really worked for what you’re looking for. So if you watch her back here in the fabric, I’m going to turn it off here. You can see how it just Just really clean that up and then also along here along her leg. If we toggle that off again, you can see how it just really clean that up too. So it just is a really neat way to sort of push things around a little bit works great on anybody who has a little bit of a muffin top over their pants. A lot of times you can just shove the shove that extra skin back in sometimes the fullness of cheeks. You can shove back in you can you know, you can even push

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-01 at 12.20.00 AM.jpeg

And I can act or something like that. It gets tricky is where your if you were shoving in something like around here and you would Twitter you could actually pull her hair too. So if you were trying to shove in this piece here, if you didn’t mask her hair, you would actually tweak that a little bit so but a great tool to work with that is the liquify tool.