How do you take amazing product Photos

Take Amazing product Photos Part 1

There are thousands of methods and tutorials available on  product photography. Here I am going to share some tips  of my  practical experience on product photography.  Every photographer may know about basic elements. So I am focusing on most important aspects. That will help you to improve your product shot at home or in studio. Also going to talk about lighting setup to get better result on product shot. If you are going to sell products on e-commerce  online , the perception of your brand and the value of your products will based on your visual presence.

Product photos are only way of communication with the consumer. Perfect product photos can help to build trust and importance of your brand.

If the photos are taken by a professional photographer or yourself, will depend on some important aspects to make them professional & perfect. You can get perfect product photos by following  some steps.


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When you are selling online your customer’s can’t physically see your product , they can’t feel it, turn it or touch it. The can only get the visual presence of your products on web. The photo must to accurately describe the product, convey the tangible elements of the product. It should be well designed which is created in the mind’s eye of the consumer.

The secondary important thing is to place the product within a context, to help the consumer visualize your product. This photo can be used to promote a lifestyle promise to the consumer.


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In this step you need to select  the type of your product photo that you are going to take. You must decide that where you are going to use them as e-commerce website photo or an advertising photo for your brand. Then you need to select the photo will be single or a group product photo. If you are going to take product shot for your e-commerce website or marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc. You must need to make them in various types or category. You must need to decide types by photo on a white background , cut out product photos , styled product photos, complete lifestyle shots etc. When the decisions have been made you can simply show the product.

To be continue……

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