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Best Ghost Mannequin Effect – How to do that?

Who doesn’t expect their products to be displayed online in the most interactive way? No doubt you are going to sell clothing and fashion products is a powerful way to attract customers. It creates an amazing environment for imagining products in a unique and professional way. Today we will try to focus on the ghost mannequin effect, its importance, tips to achieve the best results, and how to make it perfect.

What is Ghost Mannequin?

A ghost mannequin is also defined as an invisible mannequin that refers to the work where designers remove mannequins from a particular clothing product, such as shirts, jeans, jackets,

tops, etc. Part of the costume lets customers know when they wear the product. This is why the importance of this service has increased more than ever before when the real issue is about selling products online.

Why We Are Using Photoshop for Ghost Mannequin Effect?

The most comprehensive tool used by Photoshop professionals is to create ghost mannequin effects for fashion and clothing items. The question may arise why Photoshop? We will! Let’s go through the points mentioned below to make your smile clear.

The process starts with leveling and in this case, Photoshop gives you the best solution. This allows you to apply different combinations to specific levels. Also, you can modify them according to your needs.

The Magic Wand tool is one of the essential components of Photoshop that provides solutions to a wide range of image editing. This allows you to select specific areas of the image and replace them with the appropriate background or color.

With this tool, unlimited manipulation is possible which is important in creating the ghost mannequin effect. Photoshop provides a pixel-level editing facility for designers.

In some cases changing the background to the Ghost mannequin effect is a common task and Photoshop offers a friendly and easy solution so that it can be done with a few clicks which no other tool can do.

Photoshop is not complicated for beginners to learn and saves money and time in the e-commerce industry. For this reason, it is the most widely used software in the editing industry, with invisible mannequin effects. Also, you will find many photoshop online resources to learn it for your personal and professional purposes.

It is a popular photo editing software with a variety of tools that every photographer needs to do a perfect editing and photo retouching job. Each time it’s new released, it introduces something new and interesting to professionals.

Ghost Mannequin Photography Tips

Mannequin has been widely used in the garment industry for several years. Photography needs skilled hands to choose wisely so that they create an appeal to customers. In this case, we have come up with some tips for ghost mannequin photography.

Choose Appropriate Mannequins

Choosing a mannequin should be the first step in starting ghost mannequin photography. You need to choose them according to your needs. Find a shape that suits the clothing you sell. Choose the right size and color of the mannequin so that the elements look real and attractive.

Pick Photography Equipment

Before you start the Photoshoot, you must bring the right gear to get the best shorts for your product. Basically, it requires a high-quality camera, lighting softbox, background, and a tripod. The whole thing together will create a perfect environment for getting a perfect ghost mannequin photography.

Try Different poses

Showing different poses in costume photography makes it more unique and attractive. In this case, professionals prefer static to dynamic. People come to see multiple ways before buying a product. This is why it plays an important role the overall sales.

Concentrate on Lighting Setup

In mannequin photography, lighting is one of the most important parts and the best way is to use natural sunlight. It brings out the most contrast and displays the clothing items more and more professionally. Also, you can prepare the lighting setup manually according to your needs and lighting. Make sure the required gear placement is perfect.

Photo Editing 

The process of creating a ghost mannequin effect, starting from a photoshoot, is a time-consuming task. It takes a long time to separate the mannequins from the image. This is why you may need professional ghost mannequin services to get the job done right so you can focus on your fashion and apparel business.

Invisible Ghost Mannequin Vs Mannequin Neck Joint Effect

The invisible Ghost Mannequin vs Mannequin Neck Joint Effect can seem like a kind of intimate variant, clever and confusing. You already know the definition of an invisible ghost mannequin from the previous discussion of this topic. In general, it actually refers to the method

of removing the mannequin from Effect, on the other hand, is a special type of service where the neck part of the clothing is solved by joining the back of the neckline while maintaining the balance of shape, size, and color. As a result, it brings out the appeal and the creative hollow look so that the viewer can get the real feeling.

How to Create Ghost Mannequin Effect

Now, It’s time to describe how to create an invisible mannequin effect using Photoshop. Let us discuss the following steps through our ghost mannequin effect tutorial.

Step 1

The work process begins with opening the image in Photoshop where we will try to apply the ghost mannequin effect. In this case, the mannequin should be chosen wisely. It must be of high quality.

Step 2

Unlock the layer from the market part.

Step 3

Select the pen tool from the red box provided for clipping path

Step 4

Select from the path (CTRL+ENTER)

Step 5

Now, add a mask and remove the background.

Step 6

Select the neck part with the pen tool.

Step 7

Then, select the mask and fill it with black color (ALT+DEL).

Step 8

Now, Switch to the second image file.

Step 9

Here, apply lens correction from the Filter menu.

Step 10

Now, put this picture on the picture of the shirt.

Step 11

Size Adjustment work presses CTRL+T and starts the process.

Step 12

Set Layer 1 to Layer 0 and select WARP.

Step 13

Apply layer style and inner shade from the box marked red below.

Step 14

Save the final file.

To Warp Up

In the fashion and apparel industry, the ghost mannequin effect service is an essential way to attract customers with a real and flawless look. Whether you plan to make sales both online and

offline, this technology should be applied in the most convenient way. To do this, we’ve provided a way to learn how to create a ghost mannequin effect in Photoshop like a professional.

Hopefully, this tutorial will help you understand how to create ghost mannequins.

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