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How to edit product image in Photoshop

Product photo editing service


Product Image editing in Photoshop


When you are going to sale something on internet you must need to do advertising with perfect images of products or goods that your are going to sale. You can attract consumers with perfect image of product. For all commercial photography,  image editing and post-production is an essential matter. You must need to do best editing with HQ on images. You may use any software like Photoshop, Lightroom or others. Before that you must need to know using tools & techniques to get a professional look of your images. After that you can only do it easy by your self.

Today we are going to talk about how we can edit a product shot like a professional photo look by using Photoshop. You may also do manipulation & retouch by using Photoshop as well.

Here some simple adjustment techniques in Photoshop we are talking,  how to correct, improve and enhance a shot, set image exposure and contrast without removing any color and finally put a perfection .

You can follow simple step-by-step guide of our basic tips below, which can help you get top-quality product shot results that consumers are looking for.

 1. Copy/Create a new layer

First open your image file in Photoshop. Then duplicate the original layer by Ctrl/right-clicking on the Background layer and selecting Duplicate Layer.

2. Clean up Image

You can remove any dust or clean your product image by using clone stamp tools

 3. Color correction

For a better result you must need to adjust the color of the image. Adjust  Hue, Saturation, Lightness, Color Balance.

4. Adjust levels

In this step you need to adjust image exposure, highlights & contrast

5. Masking

To change the background or any dust surface you can select Quick Mask and by using Brush tool with Opacity as needed.

6. Cropping

Select the Crop tool and crop image if you want.

7. Final touch ups

In final touch up check your image, you may need some final work in this step

  • Contrast
  • Sharpen
  • Resize
  • Saving

After finishing all those steps  you need to save your image in any format like JPG,PNG or PSD. Please don’t forget to apply water mark to copywrite protected.


product photo editing



Product image editing is about to make a product more attractive for consumers. Perfect product images can make your business in top.

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