How to Get Photoshop CS6 for Free

Photoshop CC for absolutely free quick and easy. So let’s quickly get to this Okay, click on annotation right on the screen right here for that for the link or if using a mobile device or an iPad

And when I do it on a click download Any window pops up just as advertisements so cancel that but so you want to wait and it will show up on the bottom layer to using Google Chrome.

Okay. So once you download it, you want to go to your downloads folder? Then you’ll find it. So it’s it. So you want to do it you want to open it simply double-click then you want to open this?

Then you want to stop here and now you want to minimize it because you don’t want that now so

We want to minimize and make sure you minimize. I don’t close it.

And then you realize you have the full trial and you can have it forever and you don’t have to pay any my own. He’s absolutely free.

Get Photoshop CS6

Go to your computer now find a hard drive you are coming to use it. Now. You want to go now. You should see program files. You want to click program files 86 or 64. I figures let me see. Yeah, 86 or 64 so doesn’t matter both of them work now you want to search up photo shop? And hopefully it will come up in here we go. So you’ll come up with Adobe Photoshop. So now here we have this wonderful beautiful looking folder. I will show more for you guys, but you know today. Okay. So now we have this, okay WhatsApp Image 2020-09-02 at 5.19.54 PM.jpeg

If you had the free trial in its run out and you’re doing this tutorial and you click on Adobe and go on it from there. For some reason it doesn’t make doesn’t work. So what I do, I’ll go in Search and it Go and Photoshop and find it there or if you pin it down in the taskbar like I have you can just simply click on the taskbar as well. It’s with them work.

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