How To Make A Background Transparent

How To Make A Background Transparent


I’m going to be using one example of these apples that already have a white background and I’m going to be using another.

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Example of this orange that has this this wood looking back room. Okay, so

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This one has a very simple background and this has a much more complex background. Let’s start off with the simple background one. So the first thing that you want to do is make sure that your the layer that you’re working with is not locked. I’m working with the background layer and it’s currently locked. So I’m just going to click this to unlock it just like that. All right. Now if your if your object has a very simple background a background that is just basically one color like this you can go ahead.

The magic wand Punch tool to select the background. So I just have the magic wand tool.

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Dot-dot-dot Then all I have to do is Click delete, so I’m going to click delete on my keyboard. And it’s that easy that is. Literally if your object that is literally how easy it is.

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If your object has a white background or a simple background, you can just use the magic wand tool to select the areas of the background or the area of the background and then click delete on your keyboard. Okay, let’s move on to the second example, if your object has a more complex background that you’re going to want to select the object itself and then invert the selection. So we’re just going to use the quick selection tool right over here. We’re going to select the object itself, which is the orange. Let’s just go ahead and I’m just dragging around just like this to select the orange to not doesn’t have to be perfect because you can always touch it up after but now that I’ve selected the orange I’m going to Invert the selection. So I’m going to go to the select menu up here and then I’m going to go to inverse and

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Now it has inverted the selection and selected only the background and not the orange now. I did forget to unlock the layer but I can still do it now. So I’m just going to make sure that it’s unlocked just like that. And once again, we have only the background selected. So all that I have to do is click the delete button on my keyboard and there you go Trent.

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If you take a look and if you’re you know doing this quickly, you’ll end up with a few small imperfections. So what I’m going to do is I’m just going to click the Eraser tool that is zoom in right here. We’re just going to touch it up now once again you don’t have to do. Leave it like this or you

Take a little bit longer to make the selection to just you know, make the selection as as nicely as you can but I just did a relatively quick job. So I’m just going to go ahead and touch this up over here. That looks okay. That looks okay.

Seven Like I said, you can literally take a long time making the perfect selection but I was just, you know, trying to get to the point of this video which is basically how to make a background transparent. So once again, you can take your time and touch everything up to make it look perfect. But as you can see right here, I have shown you how to make the background transparent when you have a complex background and also when you have a simple background