How to Make More Money as a Photographer

Money maker for photographers


Way to Earn More from Photography

Earning more is like an art. You see so many talented people around, but you see less who earns more. Earning more is a combination of talents and dedication. In photography world, not all photographers earn that much more what you thik probably. So far, you know many of professional photographers and also many freelancer photographers among your known faces. Interesting fact is that, Start thinking of them about their income. May be none of them a billionaire, a millionaire, only a few of them have a decent income. Here are some possible ways why that happens and why not:


You don’t need help, You need your payment:

Well, Mr. ’A’ is a product photographer. He is seeking for works but he is not getting any from last two months. He is now almost out of money. Suddenly one customer mails him to take photos of his store products. ‘A’ thanks him almost thousand times for getting the opportunity. He also assures that, he will do his best no matter what getting his job done with the lowest price possible ever. He will work even on his holidays for him. The situation is okay, but the customer will think of Mr A who is a struggling bird which tries so hard to move one continent to another to get rid of cold. He won’t show much interest on Mr A.

Well, you are not the only photographer left, not the especial one in the city, that’s all right but you do what you do best. You need not seek help from others. You do your job and get payments from the customers/clients.


Value your Time and Work:

If you are a photographer, you do know how to take photos of nature, Model photography, Weeding Photography, even a portrait and you are best knowing their angles, lights etc. You have taken one of your best shots and suddenly Mr B says that the light is low bright on this photo and you know that that particular photo you have taken is the best one. Well then, take another photo and make him understand that you were right or just tell the circumstances of the photo that is the best one. Well, sometimes you may not have clicked the best one and someone have just shown you the best way. OH! He saves your life, thank him and learn which will improve the way you see.

Time is definitely money. Time machine is not possible, but it is your money machine. Fix your time for one client and a deadline. Don’t make yourself a constant time loop machine.  People will hire you because of you do what you do within the certain amount of time. And it creates you value to them.




You are not an Empty Box:

Whether you are running a start-up company or a company for several yeas and you have nothing to show to your clients. Well, make sure that you don’t tell them that you have done nothing in your journey. Make them understand that, you have spent your time developing your work and research. Just make sure that you don’t let them know about gap or less worthiness. You should not lie but not to show negative impact on what you do best.


Money making for photographer



Clients fetch client:

 Clients are the main source of your upcoming client. It depends on your client satisfaction and your output to the client. Well, you shoot fabulous photos for your clients once and all on a sudden after a year later you may have his call: Big smile on both of your faces. Photographers can your customers too. In a big photography session, you may notice multiple photographer groups working together. Your well-known face in the local town or among other photographers are more beneficial for your source of income.


Your online presence:

 Online is the best marketplace platform from which you can gather clients and some extra works. now a days, one running business can have multiple sections or you may have a deal with some other vendors. The opportunity depends on your regular presence of your works and also your thoughts about your business through online.


Respect on your work:

 Suppose in a wedding ceremony, one hired photographer shoots many group photos. he may get disturbed of sometime about that same person or groups come twice or third and he gets bored or shows annoying. That is the most dangerous issue building a relationship between you and the person. Some photographers posts frustrations on social media about their work delivering bad comments on your customer’s behave or some incidents. Well, you won’t get perfect circumstances for you always. I am not saying that you will accept all the demands of your customers but you have to handle what is underneath your control. Your reaction on social media can harm your business. If you go through a bad situation, of course you must handle smartly and take decision under the conditions of your services. But don’t always show online what you always think. Your perception may not satisfy all. post general thoughts of yours, not mentioning other deeds online. I know some good photographers who didn’t deliver their works in time. and never ever I will hire them on my need of photographers. Sometimes maintaining the deadline shows how respectful you are to your works.


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