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How to Showcase Amateur Photography

If you are a new novice amateur photographer who wants to showcase your work, you may not be sure where to start. This article will give you a few options on how to showcase your amateur photography.

Start a blog

A blog featuring your latest photography can help you get high in search engine ranking and is a great way to showcase your work. A blog is a great place to show more details about your work as a professional or amateur photographer. If you write about interesting will appear frequently in search engines. As a result, more people will be aware of your website and your work.

Create a social media presence

Amateur photographers can use social media to create lists and connect with potential clients. Target people use different social media platforms. Social media is an excellent platform to start a photographic career and showcase your work as an amateur. Here are some of the best social media platforms for showcasing your photography: Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter.

Join a photography competition

A great option for young amateur photographers who want to showcase their work. By participating in this competition you can win cash prizes, camera equipment or show off your work. Even if you don’t make any money, there are plenty of benefits to posting your picture on a competition website.

Publish your pictures if you want to attract clients

If you are considering publishing your amateur photography, there are several ways you can go about it. One option is to submit your work to online websites. There are many options available for your work, including magazines and newspapers that complement your style of photography. You can submit pictures to local newspapers and start earning money (always charge them, they have bucks for this kind of thing), as well as being published.


Sell your Amateur Photography online

Also, if you know where to sell your photos online, you can make some extra money as a photographer (or maybe start something new!). Food, city, nature, and travel photos are in high demand. You can sell stop photographs on the following websites: Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy 500px.

Display your Amateur Photography in a gallery

It takes a lot of skill, time and effort, but if you are an exceptional photographer, your pictures can be displayed in a gallery. You need to establish social media connections. If you have strong relations with other people in the industry who can promise your character / talent, you will have a better chance of entering the gallery. You should try to attend gallery events so that you can meet other art photography enthusiasts and get your name out there.

Participate in a photography forum for Amateur Photography

If you are just staring out then forums are great place to showcase your work. Photographers, whether professional or amateur, can be inspired and amateur by other photographers in the online community.

Like the text, the images must be relevant. If you join a nature photography forum, the photos you post should be in nature.

Experiment with Amateur Photography projects

When you think outside the box with your work, you increase your chances of being noticed. Not only can you show people exciting photos, you can show them your skills as a photographer. Teach people how to take pictures in the most creative way possible, and they will consider you an expert in the field.

An example of a photo project might be creating a photo book or a gallery wall so that you can take photos taken within a certain period of time



Behance is a top photo sharing platform owned by Adobe. The service offers free and unlimited uploads. The site is an excellent place to find businesses and professionals in the creative field and network across different industries. Due to Behance’s association with Adobe, it works seamlessly with various Adobe program services, which is a huge plus. Reaching the customer works through a tracking feature. This means that other, members of the site can follow their interested profiles for networking and purchase purposes. Acting as a social media feed, you can view your homepage and see new additions from the profiles you follow. If your work is really getting a lot of attention, it may be displayed in a curated gallery, determined by the specific team members working for Behance.


Phorobucket is a photo sharing platform that offers a variety of plans that allow you to easily edit and sell your photographs directly from the site. However, some photographers complain about the option of sharing clients to view photographs. The site allows you to share a link to your photos on another web page, but there is a brand with a limit on sharing. On the other hand, tagging and pointing to other Photobucket member within the site is easy and straightforward. Like many other services, photos can be categorized by tagging them to your liking.


Zenfolio is a site that gives photographers the ability to display and sell their work. This site appeals to photographers of any skill level, as it does not require in-depth technical knowledge to use the service effectively.

Member of Zenfolio are able to easily upload and sell their work. Multiple keywords can be assigned to your portfolio drive traffic to your photos from the site, as well as from various search engines across the internet.



Pixpa is another site on this list that primarily targets photographers who are looking for a place to sell their prints. The site promotes its portfolio capabilities for artists. The service provides an easy way to sell photos through multiple payment partners like payPal and Stripe. This allows photographers to easily sell their work. Another advantage of the site is the excellent customer service and training tools. There are lots of tutorial videos here and any questions are answered quickly and thoroughly you can choose any method: Email, phone or live chat.

Amateur Photography – Fhotomerchant

Photo Merchant is a photo sharing platform that enables artists to easily sell their work through the site. In addition, the site provides sellers an easy way to fulfill orders. Artists can fill out orders manually or list an auto-fill feature that will allow the work to be sent directly to the customer. Photo Merchant is affordable, customizable and makes ordering incredibly easy. Unfortunately, there is no free version of photo Merchant available. Another downside is that, apart from the highly casual photographer, beginner plans offer very few options. You are unable to assign your other domain names unless you upgrade to a 19.00/ month plan. In addition, without the high cost plan, users will not be able to use the direct fulfillment option.


In our opinion,

All of these are the best photo sharing platforms, due to the numerous benefits listed above and the perception of being the largest photo sharing site on the web. However, all the platforms described in this guide offer excellent products that will be helpful for any photographer: amateur or amateur. Depending on your own needs as a photographer, you can choose any of the above platforms, or you can choose to use multiple platforms. For example, even if you use another site for your sales purposes, you will benefit from having on Instagram account and following a network.

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