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iphone camera is best for product photography

In a matter of years, the iphone has transformed into important wondere for photographers that has become a professional tool. The iphone uses its great quality camera power to create high quality photographs in any type of lighting situation which is very important for product photography. This is because the iphone offer a great charge, as well as a wide lens with the advantage of a double-triple camera, and a glimpse into all kinds of lighting conditions. Currently the iphones have made phones like the 13 pro which is one of the best for your product photograph. If you are an experienced photographers you want to get the best pictures for photography then you can get a great photo short for

your product from iphone. That’s why you don’t have to choose the latest iphone phones, the phones are still better available of the previous ones. You can take an affordable phone from the  previous generation to balance your needs and budget for your product photography. This discussion lists the best iphones for product photography that will help you find out in detail. The iphone13 pro best overall camera is currently the most advanced quality for phone photography.

Iphone 13 pro

SPECIFICATIONS        Cameras: Ultra wide, wide telephoto

Lens apertures: f/1.8 (ultra wide), f/1.5(wide),                                     f/2.8 (telephoto)

Zoom: 3x optical zoom in, 2x optical zoom out, 15digital           zoom in

Screen size: 6.1 –inch display

REASON TO BUY                  + Huge color and detail improvement

+ Excellent Night Mode

+ Built-in super-smooth stablisation

REASON TO AVOID           – Could use a microSD slot

This iphone 13 pro is among the best cameras to date. The dazzling camera for photographers takes the iphone 13 pro products even further 3 lens arrays with a wide super wide and enhance high aperture and enhanced optical zoom with telephoto. While the iphone 12 pro boast a triple camera lens set app boasts a standard ultra white telephoto configuration with a 26mm 13mm and 78mm equivalent focus lens. But stick a short from an iphone 13 to one side of the iphone 12 and you’ll find the difference. It enhanced by the doubling of the night mood which adds more contrast to the dark sky and maintain the details to the subject.

Iphone 12 pro Max

SPECIFICATIONS        Cameras: Ultra wide, wide and telephoto

Lens apertures: f/2.4(ultra wide), f/1.6 (wide),                                                                                         f2.2 (telephoto)

Zoom: 2.5x optical zoom, 2x optical zoom out,             12x digital zoom in

Screen size:6.7 –inch display

REASON TO BUY               + All the best tech

+ Large screen for editing photos

REASON TO AVOID          – Very expensive

  • Size can be unwieldy

The iphone 12 pro max was the king of the camera for short time, and before the advent of the iphone 13, this phone was the king of the camera. The iphone 12 Pro Max  phone is one of the leading technology for big skin photo editing technology and is the preferred phone for product editors.

Iphone 12 Pro

SPECIFICATIONS       Cameras: Ultra wide, wide, telephoto

Lens aperture: f/2.4 (ultra wide), f/1.6(wide),

f/2.0 (telephoto)

Zoom: 2x optical zoom in, 2x optical zoom out,

10x digital zoom in

Screen size: 6.1 –inch display

REASONS TO BUY      + Top-notch specs

+ LIDAR scanner

REASONS TO AVOID  – Not quite the best


The iphone 12 pro can now be considered a photography phone. The iphone 12 pro has faced stiff competition from other brands of phones, which gives you a good array of shooting options that you will find in most cases. For iphone 12 pro you will get a brilliant photography setup with night mode portrait enhanced by the leader scanner of this device. Its zoom range varies slightly from 4x to 5x and its aperture varies equally.

Iphone 13 Mini

SPECIFICATIONS   Camera: 12MP 13mm f/2.4 12MP 26mm f/1.6

Front camera: 12 Mp, f/2.2 True Depth camera                    Dual


Weight: 140g

Dimensions: 131.5×64.2×7.65mm

Storage: 128/265/512GB

REASONS TO BUY      + Upgrade camersa

+ Cinematic video mode

+ Better battery life


REASONS TO AVOID  – Incremental updates

– No lens

– No ProRes / ProRaw

The phone 13 Mini gives you the same function and Firepower as the iphone 13 with a smoother from factor and a smaller price tag for matching. The 5.4 inch handset is a small phone which is very important for your photography.

Iphoen 11 pro

SPECIFICATIONS    Cameras: Ultra wide, wide telephoto 12MP 13mm    f/2.4, 12MP 26mm f/1.8, 12MP 52mm f/2

Front camera: 12MP 13mm f/2.2 True Depth camera


Weight: 188g

Dimensions: 144× 71.4×8.1 mm

Storage: 64/256/5112GB

REASONS TO BUY      + Triple-camera array

+ Great video recording

+ Consistent image quality

+ Brilliant ‘slofies’

+ Portrait effects


– No 5G

– Unambitious specs, on paper

The iphone 11pro works great for high quality triple camera array photography but it is compatible across all three cameras with color tone exposure and the image processing is perfectly judged to create a natural looking detail and not the usual extra smooth extra sharp smartphone look. The Ultra Wide camera is great for travel photography  landmarks and spectacular interiors, and although it doesn’t exactly match the image quality of other lenses, it produces sharp, wide-angle images that widen your horizons. Everyone’s favorite iphone 11 pro photography.

Iphone 12 Mini

SPECIFICATIONS     Cameras: 12MP 26mm f/1.6 12MP 13mm f/2.4

Front camera: 12MP, 23mm f/2.2 True Depth camera


Weight: 133g

Dimensions: 131× 64 × 7.4mm

Storage: 64/256/512GB

REASONS TO BUY      + Top-notice quality

+ Small but powerful

REASONS TO AVOID  – Poor battery

– No telephoto camera

The iphone 12 Mini is a very smart delightful phone outperforms the big flagship phones with camera and pixels so it is much more economical than contemporaries like the iphone 12 pro as well as easy to hold and carry. Despite being small in size, the iphone 12 is not excluded from the technology for the Mini. Proud of the iphone 12 mini Dual camera array, it is very captivating as well as any content maker with the ability to shoot video on Fork can choose to spend some time with it.

SPECIFICATIONS   Rear cameras: 12MP 13mm f/2.4, 12MP 26mm    f/1.6

Front camera: 12MP, f/2.2 TrueDepth camera


Weight: 164g

Dimension: 146.7× 71.5× 7.4mm

Storage: 64/128/256GB

REASONS TO BUY      + Great balance of features

+ Dual-camera unit

+ 5G

+ New Ceramic Shield screen

REASONS TO AVOID  – No telephoto camera

– No LiDAR scanner

The iphone 12 is a very smart and affordable phone. It’s definitely not a blur in photography capabilities. The iphone 12 is a dual camera phone. It doesn’t have a dedicated telephoto camera, but users can achieve digital zoom up to 5x. All models of the iphone 12 are now capable of HDR video recording with Dolby Vision. The iphone 12’s front-facing camera is capable of both night mode and deep fusion.

Iphone 11

SPECIFICATIONS     Rear cameras: 12MP 13mm f/2.4, 12MP 26mm f/1.8

Front camera: 12MP, f/2.2 TrueDepth camera


Wight: 194g

Dimensions: 150.9×75.7×8.3mm

Storage: 64/128/256GB

REASONS TO BUY      + Twin-camera

+ Consistent image quality

+ Ultra-wide 13mm lens


– No 56mm ‘telephoto’ lens


The iphone 11 is a very  high quality phone for photography, although many newer iphones are now preferred, but the older iphone 11 still provides respectable image quality. If you want a great iphone for photography that won’t break the bank, then the iphone 11 is a normal favorite phone. Contract for details infotecsourz.com

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