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How to outsource photo editing for e-commerce

With the rapid advancement of technology, the e-commerce industry has been growing rapidly over the past decade. Nowadays, almost all e-commerce company are going to outsource their photo editing services. 

The most important factor in gaining sales in e-commerce depends on the quality of the pictures listed online. Whether the need is for a prolific photographer or an e-commerce business, choosing a professional photo editing service provider can be a daunting task. While product images are not the only reason to sell, companies have to focus on pricing, free distribution, ratings, and more. According to a survey, 75% of people find high-quality images to be the most influential factor in their online shopping decisions.

On the other hand, it is a fact that 22% of online products are refunded because the original product looks different from the photo. Among other content modes, visual content is shared 40 times more than other content on social media platforms. Quality visual content is most likely to go viral.

Meaning of outsource a photo Editing Service for E-commerce?

The product image of any e-commerce company is very important because it targets the customers. The whole presentation process consists of three stages namely pre-production, production phase, and post-production phase. Here comes the final stage of photo editing, which includes retouching and much more.

The next stage of production is the most important because the final product reaches the target customers directly. Any company selling its products online depends on the image quality of its products. It needs to be top-notch so that consumers are compelled to buy its products.

Here, the importance of photo editing is that e-commerce companies outsource to experts who will provide the ultimate touch of images that reflect the company’s reputation.

ecommerce photo editing

What is the Reasons of Outsource Photo Editing for E-commerce Business?

Traditionally photo editing is done by the in-house team of many brands or by photo studios hired to take pictures of them. Because of so many benefits, many e-commerce retailers and grands hire third-party brands. When outsourcing works properly with a proper review If you follow proper way of outsource, it will not only come with a cost advantage but also with improved image quality, scalability, fast key TAT, and much more.

Tips to Maintain Before Outsource Photo Editing Services

With the advancement of digitalization, the e-commerce industry is evolving like anything else. Since e-commerce is mostly focused online, any company needs to display its products in such a way that potential buyers can make actual purchases from the site. For this, the photo of the products must be clear, of high quality, and can be hassle-free when outsourcing ecommerce photo editing work to a third-party service provider. Below are a few points to consider when regretting photo editing services.

Determining Service Requirements

Not all photo editing companies provide comprehensive services related to photo editing. For example, some companies specialize in white background services whereas some companies offer a wide range of services like Victor conversion in clipping paths. The reason behind hiring a versatile service provider is that the performance requirements of any business may change at any time. The requirements for  ecommerce product photo editing may change if a company collaborates with e-Bay or Amazon.

Considering more options

It is very important to choose a company that specializes in e-commerce business needs. Although certain industries such as jewelry, textiles, electronics, etc. offer photo editing. So, look for companies that have good experience in photo editing for the e-commerce industry.

Checking out Customer Reviews

The goodwill of a firm is an important factor that needs to be considered. It is highly recommended for any company to check customer reviews and testimonials. Companies that are more experienced are known to deal with market risk and provide quality services in a timely manner.


Before outsource photo editing services, the most important thing that needs to be done is to compare the services of short-listed companies. Next, the service provider needs to set a budget before outsourcing the work. Well, it depends on the workload, the amount of editing, the frequency of results, and much more. Choosing the right company can be hugely cost-effective in this way it yields improved sales.

The capacity of the Service Provider

Always choose companies that have experience in handling bulk orders and delivering them on time. Even if the company is a small to medium business, there is a high potential for growth in the market. At the moment, surfing with the same outsourcing agency is the most appropriate decision instead of surfing because it is time-consuming as well as a capital investment.

Support Availability and Turnaround Time

If the company believes in aggressive deadlines, an outsourcing company can be found. Whether an e-commerce company is looking for an off-shore outsourcing agency of local low water, third-party service providers need to ensure availability whenever it is needed. Always make sure that the communication channel should be appropriate so that it does not affect the timing of changes.


That’s when a company plans to hire a service provider to outsource photo editing work. Whether they upload using a cloud server or an FTP site, quality certification, such as ISO 9001 certification, is a non-disclosure agreement. It’s a good idea to ask companies about their benchmarks.


Outsource photo editing is beneficial for your studio’s bottom line, improving lead time and freeing your studio creators to focus on branding styling and live products in your online shop. Compare outsourced photo editing services by reviewing their existing customers, CSR policies, delivery times, and rejection rates. If they do not provide this information, be skeptical. Ask how long they have to handle a large one-time order, for example, 4000 images. If they say they need a week, they probably don’t have the qualifications and it could be a red flag for outsourcing editing for photographers and high-volume studios. Outsourcing photo editing should be simple, intuitive, and modern. Find out if the company has interesting technology, whether it’s using scripts in AI or Photoshop, still using outdated techniques, such as Dropbox for uploading images and using emails to communicate about its specification requirements and rejections.


Although the process of finding a reliable photo editing services company is a bit tedious, it is not impossible. Exploring the above processes before hiring an outsourcing company will lead to a positive decision that will help the e-commerce company to improve in the market. Always choose companies that have the most professionals for photo editing and maintain turnaround time.

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