Product Photography in low budget for small business

When you are going to sale products online. The first impression of your brand would be  the quality of your product visual presentation. It means beautiful product photos of your brand definitely attract customers .It’s not possible for every small business owner or startup to invest a lot of money for a professional product photo studio.

Today we are going to talk about how you can shoot product photos at home & get them as professional look in a small budget.

Product Photo Shoot for small business

What you’re going to need:

       •   Camera.

  • Tripod.
  • White background.
  • Lighting Setup
  • A table.


1. Camera


product photo editing


If you think that you need a professional DSLR camera to shoot photos of your products . DSLR is not necessary for product shot. It is possible to take professional product images with a point and shoot camera.
Instead of investing thousands of dollars on a DSLR camera , your point and shoot camera can do the job.
You need to shoot on manual & large megapixel to get higher quality, better resolution images.




product Photo editing




Don’t need to spend a lot of money on a tripod. You can take tripod between $20 – $30. You can search on online shop it will be more reliable.

3. White background


Shoot your products on white background. You can buy it between $7 – $10. Some simple materials that you can use for white product photo backgrounds

  • Clean white sheet
  • White thick paper.
  • White foam board.
  • Plastic white tops

You may even be able to use a white wall to help create your setup. But you do need to be careful that the white is pure white.

4. Lighting Setup


product photo editing


Lighting is most important for product photo shoot but it’s no need to be expensive at all. You can pick light box set under $100 or you may make your own light box.

5. Table

A standard table is best for product shoot. 24-27 inch wide folding is ideal.


Product Photo Shoot


Before Product shoot you must follow these steps

1.                 Set up your table.

2.                 Set up your sweep.

3.                 Set up your camera.

4.                 Set up your product



Take Photos



Always use a a narrow lens for Product Shooting. Narrow lenses capture 45 degree angles better. Which in turn will help you to capture the most flattering angles for your products. If you’re using a point and shoot, you will usually have access to a range of focal lengths in your zoom lens. You will zoom into any focal length between 85-100mm, which will be the same as of 60-85mm on a cropped sensor. To find the best angle, you will want to take your camera off your tripod and explore the subject a little.
Take note of what are the most important features. That is the first step to finding the best angle.
Some angles to consider are: straight-on, 45-degrees and overhead.
A container with the product inside, will need a shot overhead to allow the customer to see what’s inside.
Whichever angle you choose, you will want to make sure the camera and products are straight and level. If you have  perfect light, the right focal length and a matte background, you can create professional looking product photography. You must take all perfect angels for best result. So customers can see your product from different angels and views.


Final Photo Editing & Post-production


After taking photos you must need to edit and retouch them for better result. You may use Photoshop or Lightrrom for post – processing of your images or you can outsourced them. You can hair experts or find  many companies  online for editing service with cheap price.

Product Photo retouch

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There are many ways and techniques for shooting product photos but we are talking some useful in shortcut process. For Small Business you can try this out.