product shoot with white background

Product Photography with White Background

Perfect product photos for your e-commerce website, your photo needs to be clear and attractive to the customers. For that, white background is the best option around. Branding a product, the white background helps to keep the focus on the specific photo only. We understand your value of time and the best ways to edit product photos. Here are some easy ways how you can change the background of your photo into white background. 

Basic tips 

1st trick, after you open your photo in photoshop, select quick selection tool then select the image.  You can see there is extra unnecessary area around the picture. Some portions of your photo can be unselected. So, select – selection tool and select the extra area. when this is complete then press Delete key to delete the background. Then, select white option to fill the background with white color and press OK.

2nd trick select magic wand tool. The two selection tool works selecting same portions of any pictures very quickly. Then select the image following the same process as the first trick. Now from the “Select+Modify+Feather’’ adjust your feather. It can be .3/ .2 to smoothing your product photo. Then delete white area like the first area and fill white in background. Then hit OK.

3rd trick, first go-to image+ adjustment+curves. You can adjust your white level here on that photo. Then you select the eyedropper tool from the lower right “Sample in image to set white point” and click several times in the background. Apply them on different area on the background. And then. Adjust the curve suitable for the photo. And it’s done.

4th tricks, go to image+adjustment+levels. Again, select one eyedropper tool which is “Sample in image to set white point’’ and click on different background areas. And adjust input levels from the curve suitable for your photo. This method is useful if you photo don’t have any white color in it.

5th trick, go to image+adjustment+replace color option. Then, click plus eyedropper tool and click on the desired area on the background on your image. It will shoe the preview of the background on the color replace tab.  Then select lightness to 100% and press OK.

6th trick select rectangular marquee tool and the select background area if the background is similar color everywhere. Select several portions from the background. Then go to select+similar. It will select similar all the background from your photo. Then again, fill with white color. Your photo background will be white.

7th trick, creating path in your photo with pen tool. It will take time according to your photo. Select path and delete your background. You can fill the background white After-all.

Editing perfectly is an art. It can be done many ways.

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