Remove Background from Green Screen Video-

Remove Background from Green Screen Video


Today you learn how to remove the ground from video without green screen big around . So this is a simple video. It’s from my film. WhatsApp Image 2020-09-01 at 3.02.36 AM.jpeg Superboy. If you haven’t watched that film, please must watch it’s available on our problem. Sorry, so wonderful on your channel. Okay, this is a video clip and we will remove the ground with our green screen. So let’s start so far right you have to first of all Simply pick this little bar stool WhatsApp Image 2020-09-01 at 3.03.17 AM.jpeg

Just double-click your layer. So it will open a new composition.

So let’s do this video and then to remove the ground without having green screen. So, okay. So let’s draw a sore subject. This is a ploy. Let’s move this there.

Okay. Now let’s play video and point the Glazier. There is no wrote about effect is applied. So, let’s see so well, right let’s play this video. WhatsApp Image 2020-09-01 at 3.04.45 AM.jpeg Yeah, you can see the little goat mask is not easy to download body or object. So let’s find that point which the disappearing from like here. So let’s go to that frame. This one. Is this Frame so here is this is not fitted. So let us again draw around or object. Let’s okay again. Try to play this video and find yeah.Here You can also fix some points like you can see that hair is not meshing. So for that you can zoom your video card and let’s can do it. WhatsApp Image 2020-09-01 at 3.06.56 AM.jpeg It’s fixed and keep in mind that this technique is called row to pushing. I have already Video available on my channel how to row to push but I again uploaded this video and try to tell it how to remove greens coming from how to remove background from video green skin because someone need search someone starts like this internet so I put that video again. Okay, so,And find how do you know it’s almost done. So let’s remove the background for right put your composition here now, you can see it. Object is removed from this video. WhatsApp Image 2020-09-01 at 3.07.51 AM.jpeg

But we want to read the Quick from the city for that invert foreground or background. Click check if this hair now give you have this you can you can use any.You can use any image or background and you can use this ever again. Like I’m using it here. So you can use you can remove the crown from films everywhere and you can you can see here is your handwriting because that was a problem during rotoscoping you can do it very carefully. WhatsApp Image 2020-09-01 at 3.08.35 AM.jpeg

Okay. Thank you guys, and don’t forget.