Some Tips for Marketing with Product Photography

Some Tips for Marketing with Product Photography

The Photos you use in your products can determine how you build a customer base. Here are some tips for marketing your brand with product photography.

Product photography services have a dual purpose. It shows customers what you need to offer while providing a way to showcase your brand. In other words, stunning image are the way you develop and maintain a customer base. Keep reading to know exactly how to market your to market your business through product photography with these few tips that will help you in your work.

Thorough Planning Is a Must in Product Photography marketing

Before you hire a photographer or try to capture yourself, you should plan every possible thing. For self-portraits, these include thinking about:

You want to be feature product background, distance between camera and product Models and additional prop model the styling position and background color are the kind of shorts you want to scale.

If you have specific requests for details of shadows, saturation and other photographs, you must enter them. Otherwise, your photographer will follow the standard. When using products for marketing purposes, you may want to make a list:

Where you use photos (e.g. on social media, in printed flyers, etc.)

What kind of cropping and orientation do you need (e.g. square for Instagram or landscape for banner ads)

The massage you want to convey (such as to buy products or to browse your store).

Thinking about using your photos ahead of time will guide the photographer to take shortcuts and edit.

Mixing Styles of Product Photography

There are basically two types of product photography you can use:

Each type has its place, depending on where your business will sell things, you may need to combination of both.

White Background Product Photography marketing

Product features on a white or plain background allow buyers to see what the product looks like. Since it used for online shopping, it mimics the experience of the shopper in the store. This means you should have multiple angels and high quality shorts that are clear when zoomed in. White background shorts create authenticity around what you have for sale. What they see is exactly what they are buying and such authenticity is crucial when they choose a product. For marketing, you can choose to Photoshop the product in one view. Alternatively, you can use lifestyle photos.


Lifestyle shorts basically create the context around the product for sale. For example, a lifestyle photo of a water bottle could be of a person carrying the bottle. It allows the buyer to imagine themselves using the product and sharing the voice of your brand depending on the environment of your choice. It builds trust, interest and emotional bonds. Lifestyle photos are a go-to for product marketing, because they are visually appealing when you display want to offer.

Utilize User-Generated Photography

If consumers like your product, they can post pictures to show others how much they value it. With permission, you can use these photos on your business’s media pages to build trust with future customers. Works for an organic user-generated photograph as well as photos of influential people. Either way, you can sprinkle these into your feed to show people of the nation that others support your products, increasing your sales potential.

Consistency Is Key Product Photography marketing

Unless you’re primarily changing your brand, website and more, you’ll want to keep your photos consistent. This means using the same or the same background, well, scale and distance between the camera, the product and the background. We’ll break down what looks like this.


In the case of white background product photos, you’ll want to use the same white for all stand-alone shots. If you choose a different color, stick with them to make your website and store look clean. For live style photos, the background may change with each shot. You can still create consistency by choosing the color, editing and the position of the shots.


We’ll dive deeper into the next light options, but for continuity, you’ll want to use the same light sources over and over again. This means taking pictures at the same time of day and in the same weather. Otherwise, there may be slight difference that will be noticeable in your marketing content.


When shopping online, you need to rely on measurement and addition details to know the size of the product. This is why it is important to use the same scale in all your photos. For example, if the pictures are next to each other, you don’t want the 8-ounce bottle to look bigger than the 32-ounce bottle. Product photography can be a little tricky. When it comes to proper presentation. It is important to be accurate, as misleading photographs are an aspect of false advertising. If you are unsure about how to properly display your photographs while being consistent, stay with the same photographer as long as you can. They will be able to guide the process and keep everything the same.

Choosing the Right Lighting

There are two types of lighting for your choice: natural light and artificial light. In general, it is always better to walk in a natural way. We will explain why.

Natural Lighting

In lifestyle shorts, natural light mimics the effect of being personal with the product. It tends to be  more versatile for marketing needs. Also, it tends to be softer and more forgiving in the morning or late afternoon. This is because light and shadow can be seen directly due to the sun man. It goes without saying that all lifestyle photos should be taken out. After all, capturing a blender outside may not make sense. Instead, it can be said that using natural light (even from a window inside) tends to be more practical.

Artificial Lighting

Artificial or studio lights are used to acquire white background product photos. It is also useful for products that are for internal use or that contain small, complex details.

Editing to Fit Your Needs Product Photography marketing

Professional photographers are equipped to edit as needed. These include bright background, color balance and more. However, if you need specific editing for your marketing products, such as changing dimensions, cropping, or transparent backgrounds, you’ll want to let your photographer know ahead of time. Outline editing needs will help you get the photos you like for marketing.

Optimize Images for SEO about Product Photography marketing

In addition to using product photography on your website, social media and paid advertisements, you can get the most out of your photos with SEO(search engine optimization) in mind. This means reducing the size of the image so that you keep the online webpage loading below three seconds. If your photos take too long to load, you may lose potential buyers. You may express this concern to photographers ahead of time (if you use photos for your website) and they may be able to assist you.

SEO means proper naming of your image with keyboard and alternative text. Photo keywords contribute to your search engine ranking and alternative text does the same, as well as allowing visually impaired people to identify your product.

The SEO field can be a little tricky, but these recommendations are easy with a few video tutorials online.

With these tips in mind, you can use product photography for all marketing purpose. If you have can help you find out more. Contact us if necessary.

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