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Every day is a great style to shoot on a ghost man again. Let’s look at some things. I can help you out of here. Got a casual ladies hoodie. Just going to start by addressing the mannequin. So I’m just going to sit it up all the way up all the body a little bit to give it a really nice straight shape same with the sleeves pull the sleeves down to get rid of any creases that you might have. Okay thing to remember is to level the arms out so you don’t have one on those further back than the other one. So make sure they’re in the same position next to the body.

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Then as you can see, we have a hoodie here and we really want to show off the hood. So I’m going to go ahead and remove this piece on the mannequin so we can see the insert of the hood and also see the hood a little bit clearer it up again. I want to show you heard in the front shot as well as a customer can see that straight away. You could show it by raising it up like this, but it looks a bit square and not very natural. So I’m going to add some tissue paper into it just to give it a round.

Shape and once I got the hood in place, make sure you draw strings are the same length and falling down into nice straight line. That looks really good. So I’m going to go Head and take a picture.

I’m also going to go ahead and do it back shop for the deep since it’s got a hood is really important to show that feature to the customer. It might also be worth adding a little bit of tissue paper into the hood to give it a bit more shape.

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-05 at 6.03.25 PM.jpeg

To sum up take out the pieces of go to my neck and that you don’t need to show that inside straight away. Also, make sure you draw strings are really tidy and neat and last turn the mannequin around and do a back shot to a customer can see the shape of the hood.

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