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The 7 Best Photo Printer For Photographers in 2022

Nowadays almost any inkjet printer can print your picture. But if you are a good photographer and want high quality good photos then you can benefit from a dedicated photo printer. A portable printer for capturing snaps from your phone will provide a suitable display for a large display only a printer that will work better than your office printer. You should find your perfect printer for photos. We will introduce you to some of the best printers that will help you choose the best printer for your needs and budget.

photo printer

Canon PIXMA TS6350

The best Canon printer for photos

SPECIFICATIONS    Max Print Size: A4/8.5 × 11in

Print resolution: 4800 ×  1200 dpi

Print speed (6×4, std quality): 19 seconds

Interfaces: USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Scanner: Yes

Dimensions: 376 × 359 × 141 mm

Weight: 6.3kg

REASONS TO BUY                   +  Standard XL and XXL cartridge options

+  Fast print speeds

REASONS TO AVOID             –  No memory card slot

-Relatively limited ‘photo’ ink range

Over the years the common canon ink printer has run on a pigment-based black cartridge for rich hard text in document printing with die-based cyan magenta yellow and black ink for photo output. You can put plain paper to print documents on the internal cassette and load sheets of photo paper of different sizes in the steep back feeder when you want to make a photo print. Canon’s color representation looks lively and natural for everything from nature. Skin tone from vibrant landscapes is a touch of motorized output-tray automation and the controls are simple and intuitive based around an OLED screen. Photo printers usually have a built-in  scanner for photocopying, but this model lacks a memory card slot direct photo printing, although it does have built-in Bluetooth.

photo printer

Epson Expression Photo XP – 8600

Top conventional photo printer

SPECIFICATIONS        Max Print Size: A4/letter

Print resolution: 5700 × 1400 dpi

                                       Print speed (6×4, std quality): 10 seconds

Interfaces: USB 2.0, Wi-Fi

Scanner: Yes

Dimensions: 394 × 340 × 142 mm

Weight: 6.7kg

REASON TO BUY      + Full line-up of six individual inks

+ Fast, high-quality photo output

+ Compact and clever

REASON TO AVOID              – Auto corrections can be too vivid

-‘Photo paper’ tray has limited size

The Epson XP-8600 is an excellent printer that emphasizes image quality rather than document output. It has the option of compact smart motorized photo paper input and photo/document output-tray smart connection and it is good value for both purchase price and running cost. Despite being so photo friendly, the mono and color documents look pretty good.

photo printer


Canon PIXMA G650 Mega Tank

This model is great for high volume photo printing

SPECIFICATIONS                Max Print Size: 8.5 × 11 in

Print resolution: 4800 × 1200 dpi

Print speed: (6×4, std quality): 46 seconds

Interfaces:  Hi-speed USB, Wi-Fi

Scanner: Yes

Dimension: 445 × 340 × 167 mm

Weight:   6.6kg

REASONS TO BUY     + Photo prints look great

+ Huge ink cost saving

REASON TO AVOID   – Slow print speeds

-Higher initial cost

Canon PIXMA mega Tank this is a cartridge free printer that uses refillable bottles for its ink and unlike other models actually comes with a complete set of 600ml supply which will save you time. Refills are cheaper than XL cartridges so the printer will represent long term savings. Maga Tank offers great quality pictures with good color presentation and tonal range. It makes its maximum 6 ink setup and can print high volume and it is highly efficient printer.

photo printer

Epson Eco Tank ET – 7700

This printer is very good for long term use

SPECIFICATIONS               Max Print Size: A4

Print resolution: 4800 × 1200 dpi

Print speed (6×4, std quality): 42 seconds

Interfaces: USB 2.0, Ethernet, Wi-Fi

Scanner: Yes

Dimensions: 390 × 341 × 138 mm

Weight: 8kg

REASONS TO BUY                         +Good range of connectivity

+Accurate colour rendition

REASON TO AVOID            -Highlights/lowlights could be better

-Pedestrian photo print speeds

New solution for Epson EcoTank ET-7700 black cut. Available in ecotank printer A4 Characters and A3/13 inch format, this model is supplied with two source capacity ink bottles including a 140ml bottle cyan magenta yellow and black ink. One print ink is enough for about 14000 manu documents and 3400 6×4 inch photos. Scanning photocopy from memory card and printing is based on a push button interface with built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

canon photo printer

Canon image PROGRAF PRO – 300

The best A3 photo printer

SPECIFICATIONS                           Max Print Size: 13×19 inch / A3

Print resolution: 4800 × 2400 dpi

Print speed (13×19 inch, std quality): 6m 30s

Interfaces: USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, BT

Scanner: No

Dimensions: 25.2 × 15.0 × 7.9in / 639×379×200mm

Weight: 14.4kg

REASONS TO BUY                                     +Printer uses 10 pigment inks

+Front or rear feed

+Superb output quality

REASONS TO AVOID                     -Not the faster printer

The Canon Pro-300 is a highly standard printer. Its distinctive feature is that it uses ten pigment inks instead of pigment based inks. One of the cartridges is the Chroma Optimizer glossy paper which provides a smooth finish. The print head has separate channels for both photo and matte black ink which saves the ink When switching between media types. Excellent output quality combines great definition for black and white photo prints without any unwanted color cast.


Canon PIXMA PRO – 200

Canon A3+ Printer

SPECIFICATIONS               Max Print Size: 13×19 inch / A3+

Print resolution:4800 × 2400 dpi

Print speed (6×4, std quality): 33 seconds

Interfaces: USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, Ethernet

Scanner: No

Dimensions: 25.2 × 15.0 × 7.9in / 639×379×200mm

Weight: 14.4k

REASONS TO BUY             +Printer uses 10 pigment inks

+Superb out quality

+Front or rear feed

REASONS TO AVOID        -Not the fastest printer

The Canon PIXMA Pro – 200 has a modified range of Chroma Life 100+ inks that provide deeper colors and black. There is a better distinctions between what you see onscreen and what you get in print. The updated paper transport mechanism is able to work more accurately with automatic diagonal correction and automatic guide withdrawal. The built-in color screen makes for more sophisticated operation, and like my pigment-based Pro 300 you can create panoramic prints up to 990cm in length. The glossy paper body output is simpler than just the spectacular Epson’s larger format 6 ink photo printers and provides very reliable output for both color and mono photo prints in Canon matte and fine art media.


Epson Sure Color p700

Roll Your photo print with the Epson sure color p700 printer

SPECIFICATIONS                           Max Print Size: 13×19 inch (plus panoramic)

Print resolution: 5760 × 1440 dpi

Print speed (8.5 × 11, std quality): 1 min 29 sec

Interfaces: USB 3.0, Wi-Fi BT

Scanner: No

Dimensions: 20.3 × 7.3 × 14.5in / 616 × 228 mm

Weight: 35.3lb / 15kg

REASONS TO BUY                          +High capacity cartridges

+Excellent color accuracy

+Paper roll feeder

The new Epson P700 printer is a plus of high quality. It comes with a roll feeder. It enables you to buy photo paper in rolls and create prints with exactly the same shape proportions as you need, even extending to panoramic prints P700 the printer. This printer includes a 4.3-inch touchscreen and is missing from Canon’s 13-inch larger format printers. High-power cartridges are a good match for large format printing. They contain about three times more ink than the XP 960, which is almost twice as much as Canon’s larger printers. The color accuracy is excellent and the black and white  prints look great on matte media.

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