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Wedding Photo Editing Tips and Tricks

A picture is equal to several words and they all compose a specific story. Each photo carries a story that can be sad or happy. But in the case of wedding photos, it always carries a happy story. This couple always tries to frame their happy moments. For this reason, a lot of wedding photos are taken at a wedding ceremony. Besides wedding photo editing is important to present right way.

But, due to different types of problems, these pictures may suffer from different color-related problems. Because photographing a wedding feels like a marathon event. But that stamina-driven creative process doesn’t stop with the last dance. Once you’ve covered the ceremony, the formal portrait, and the reception, you’ll be looking at a folder of digital photos that could be three numbers and maybe four.

Wedding photo editing puts the final polish on photos, often as a final step in getting those shorts from good to great. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom can solve these problems. Because Lightroom is one of the most popular photo editing tools for wedding photographers. Since Lightroom is both an organized and an editing tool, the software speeds up the editing process. Here are some tips in the Lightroom for editing wedding photos that will help you.

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Lighting for wedding photos

Light is very important for any picture. It helps to make your image clear and vivid, it can bring out the hidden part of the image by removing the black or excessive shadow area. You can clean your wedding photos by applying this preset in the Lightroom. To create this preset in the Lightroom. To create this preset, we used many tools like shadow, Exposure, Contrast, Highlight, etc.

Wedding Photo editing: Color Correction 

Lightroom priests for color correction are very useful for solving color problems. If there is glair in the wedding picture, the pictures will create a smoky effect. This effect will enhance the beauty of the wedding photo. But no problem you can remove this glair in the Lightroom. Here you can work with Shadow, Exposure, White, Black, and most enable you to brighten the image. After applying this preset, you may need a little retouching. Because not all images are of the same quality, shape, light, resolution, etc.

Skin Tone Correction 

Skin whitening or skin toning is very important for a wedding image. Couples for a variety of reasons may not get the right light on their skin. In this case, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom can help you recover real light. To do this you need to use Lightroom contrast and centurion.

Black & White Effect

You can sometimes think of white and black wedding pictures. In this case, you need to take the help of photo editing Lightroom experts who will give your wedding image an analog image look.

HDR Effect

This effect is very useful for your wedding image, it can bring the details of the image. During a wedding, many pictures can be taken in the evening. As a result, the image may suffer from a lack of light. In this case, the HDR effect is very important for your image editing.

Crop Tool

In addition to cropping the crop tool photo, the cropped photo in the Lightroom will also straighten the zigzag line and adjust the shape ratio to go from a printable 8×10 to a 1:1 Instagram. Tilt the corners of the crop box to straighten, the top auto to help straighten the angle slider. Or, if the couple has a print folder for that particular shot, use the dropdown box to select a new format translation.

You can also use clipping path to remove background or remove unwanted objects from your images as well. This is the best technique to present any image object.

Brush Tool for Retouching wedding photos

The Brush Tool brings the powerful non-destructive edits of the Lightroom into a picture-like section. It is commonly used for dodging and burning. Wedding photographers can also use brushes for retouching without Photoshop. The Lightroom has a built-in preset to whiten teeth and soften skin. You can find them in the dropdown effects menu. You can use a single slider to control the intensity or tap the arrow for more fine-tuning in each setting. For faster retouching, check out the photo of the Mask tool. The Lightroom will then try to automatically detect the edges, which means that the tooth whitening tool, for example, is brushed only on the actual teeth. The auto mask does not work every time. I turn it off for work where the area I want to edit has multiple colors, such as darkening a stained glass window. But for most edits, the auto mask brush tool makes it even faster. Like a complete preset, creating a new brush preset is easy. Use the slider on a custom brush to select a setting. Choose the save current setting option as a new preset in the effects group down.

Lightroom’s Export Tools for wedding photo editing

Lightroom’s tools don’t stop with edits. Wedding photographers can use the program to create a slide show video of the day. They can even add a watermark when exporting to the web. The slideshow has its panel and inside the edit panel, if you scroll down to watermark to upload an image to prevent image theft. Adobe Lightroom is a popular tool for editing wedding photos. Whether you want to use Lightroom Classic CC with most tools or Cloud Backup with Lightroom CC. Due to Lightroom’s built-in organization tool, preset’s automatic masking, and shortcuts like range mask, the software helps to quickly fix all these edits.

Dramatic Look for Wedding Photo editing

Lightroom presets are great for image editing work. A dramatic look in your wedding image is a wonderful work of art, it usually provides a romantic and metaphysical feeling in the images. A dramatic effect will enhance the beauty of the image, it will turn a simple image into an elegant and wonderful situation. To give a nice dramatic look to your Wedding images, you can use it.

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Sweet Warm Color Effect For Wedding Photo editing

The effect of sweet warm colors will make your wedding picture more beautiful. This effect will increase the color, aura, saturation, light, etc. This is very important to take any image to new heights. To create a cool and beautiful image, this effect is extremely important. To create a cool and beautiful image, this effect is very important and that is why you can use Lightroom presets.

Orton Style Photographic Effect for Wedding Photos

This program is very desirable and charming. It will give your wedding image an autumn effect, it will add extra winter to your image. Which will make your wedding photo more interesting? You can do this using presets.

Dragan Effect 

This is a strange Lightroom effect. This proverb is applied to pictures of pure old people. It transforms a great image into a somewhat horrible look. This makes the image a bit faded and faded. As a result of the dragon effect, the image of older boys looks very strangely scary.

Masculine Effect on Wedding Photos

A groom’s image should always have a masculine look, on the contrary, the bride should be nice with her brilliance. Men’s images must be bold and elegant and have a masculine look and women must look soft, adorable, sweet, and elegant to look with their beautiful wedding dresses. Using a Lightroom preset should make a masculine effect. Normally a person wears a black coat, pants, and shoes. So courage is the demand of this dress. This preset will meet the needs of the wedding image.

In conclusion, we want to say that with Lightroom preset, you can edit your wedding photos beautifully, which will make your wedding memories happy. We hope you find this Lightroom wedding photo editing tips and tricks helpful.

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