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Why Taking To A Producer Before A Photoshoot Is Imperative And Why It Shouldn’t Cost You Extra

Many times when working with product photography studio it can be difficult to know exactly it can be difficult to know exactly what kind of media to request. Sometimes it takes extra time to collaborate with a creative manager who can help showcase your product. Producer is important for photography.

The problem is there are lot of “fast”, “casual” and “ship” Deliver shoots. Photography studio that don’t give you access to a producer (Who comes in the form of a creative director, or even a photography) and if they do, unfortunately, it can sometimes cost you up $1000 to chat with someone on the phone about your shooting inspiration.

In Result imagery, we are an all-inclusive service provider. When choosing to work with Outcome image for your product photography service needs, we always offer Creative Director and Director photographer  or all of the above so that you can go to a college and the photographer help you with a brief plan so that we can work as a team, Collaboratively create the best image that will showcase everything from your product brand and vision.


Producer Before A Photoshoot

The list of benefit to chat with the photography studio you want to work with during your photo shoot pre-production is endless. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. Most fast-paced casual photography companies ask you to  fill out a pre-production in the hope of general information enough to create a customized, unique image of your brand and product.

There’s a deal here that it can work for common products in white photography or even very simplified images that are washed and simplified images that are washed and replicated but most brands require customized images that will bring engagement and uniqueness to their lists, social feeds and website.


They need images that speak to their target market and more importantly, images that transform nations into shoppers. At the end of the day you need image that create sealing and generate more clicks. In the results images, we do just that. For each brand we provide a customization method that we work with, build a relationship with them and truly become an extension for their team.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of working with a wife who offers a producer with each project. The list goes on and on, but we want to talk about why it’s important to talk to the producer before the photoshoot and why you have to spend for it.

Brand-Centric Media Assets

One of the things we like most about creating an image for a brand is to create is not just to showcase the product but to help create an image that speaks to the brand. To understand what Brand really is and how it wants to realize itself to its market audience is to jump into a phone call and talk through your brand details and how images can help share that message. Each part of a brand’s content is an extension of the brand’s voice. Not only is it displaying a product but it

is also telling an indirect story about the brand. Creating an image that is not completely brand focused, can sometimes create confusion about a brand and who is the market which creates a second guess in the customer journey. Having a producer chat with you and having a sounding board for the brand has proven to be helpful in creating a brand centric media resource to go through all the options. And better yet it doesn’t cost extra money.


Photography Producer Brief Creation Help

Not everyone is a good creative person. In fact most of the people we chat with appreciate that they can say hey I’m not creative and I need help. We’re working with thousands of brands and creating thousands of media resources for Hebrew shots. Let’s  create other images then show others in a way that speaks to your brand and more importantly to the buyer all we do is the best. From some big household name brand’s to small side hustles we have been collaborating with really all kind of individuals and groups.

We enjoy the pre-production process. This allows us to give our clients insights as product photography professionals. We understand what the current trend is and what the main focus is for brand that drive social engagement. Use our insights, collaborate with our team and help us create a photography brief that will help you sell and it doesn’t cost extra.

Create Omni-Channel Consistency for Producer

Omni-Channel Marketing! Talking about everyone, are you doing everything? Having a consistent voice across all your platforms is essential in today’s trading landscape. If you are not 100% familiar with the term Omni-channel marketing, here is a quick overview below. Channel Marketing is a multi-channel approach to sales marketing and customer service that focuses

experience whether the client is shopping through a website, marketplace listing, social media, brick and mortar store or other shopping medium.

Having a producer in one call will help all platform / shopping avenues to choose exactly what media to present so that it is a consistent experience throughout the customer journey. Introducing your product photography team members at the beginning of the conversation will help you in your overall marketing long-term vision. As the brand’s voice grows over time it allows them to help determine and understand strategies.


Your brand voice usually starts with the media you publish. That media has to be consistent across all touch points. Having a media company that is helpful at every step and investing in a long-term vision is a great competitive advantage to have a producer and yet does not cost a fortune extra.


There should never be a time when you are not building a strong relationship with your product photography studio that you want to partner with. Marketing and sales go hand in hand and so does marketing and help guide you along the way, how to win adult rounds and successfully build a strong brand experience.

Through all the different revolutions for product photography agencies approach. We see that our approach is the best approach for any brand that wants to build a strong  relationship with marketers, e-commerce managers. Our number one goal in Outcome images is to create images that make a lasting impression on a buyer and truly enliven a product. The result is that the creative director of the image is ready to start a conversation with the artist director photographer. You can contact us to create your other selling image.

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