Wedding Photo Editing services

Wedding Image editing service

Every wedding shot needs a special attitude & organization of deep retouch or light adjustment. It is in use but be careful while choosing the perfect place. Thanks to the experience plus years devoted to this industry – photo shopping & art we can tell you about the list of those pictures, genres of shooting & instructions which we receive.

To be on a safe side – please note it. Usually wedding photo makers divide all taken shots into portraits, group portraits & photographed objects. Everything depends on the photo genre and the couple’s wish. As you might know, we have carefully organized all unparalleled photography retouch into several sub types as portrait improving, group pictures enhancing and various items retouch.

Wedding Photo Retouching service with Infotecsourz

Infotecsourz is a global photo editing company. We serve our professional retouching service around the world. It’s not matter where do you live or where is your business located. We are working online so you can just send your files easily to us from anywhere in this world. We are working for thousands of photographers and business owners around the globe. Mainly USA, Canada, UK, European Countries, Australia, New Zealand and many Asian Countries.

What we Offer

  • Lowest price
  • Easy Online File Transfer
  • High-Quality Work
  • Best QC Processing System
  • Unlimited Revisions until client is happy
  •  Quick Turn Around Time

Wedding photographers know about importance of correct photo retouching. They give unbreakable confidence that functional equipment and devices are the only things which play significant role concerning image results. But having at hand the most recent and advanced photo equipment does not guarantee great results. Photography retouchers are the only people that will undisputedly help you with achieving high standards of modern wedding photography industry.

Very often some raw shots seem to be rather normal, but there is a strange feeling that something must be done or added. “Something” is just retouching service. It is a powerful vehicle that deeply contributes to visible beauty of wedding pictures.

In most modern cases wedding images are so beautiful that they do not need any considerable changes connected with wedding photography edit. Usually location, clothing & make-up are selected so professionally to edit wedding photos specialists do not devote much time which cannot be returned. The only issue they should highlight is captured beauty by improving plus saturating colors.

That particular brunch of outsource editing for photographers is surely wide-spread because it is fast, but still effective.

However, there are particular cases that demand applying some extra wedding photo retouching services of great quality with unique composition and adjustment. For such matters manipulators have a huge circle of all existing grapping retouching services that may have connections with wedding editing at first. In the article which is devoted to explanation how do wedding photographers edit photos, you will find all clues of how to choose necessary company or retouching service and do not be mistaken.

It is an undisputed fact that every contemporary photo editing service which has more than 1 year of experience has a particular level of catching deepness & is suitable for different wedding shots & styles of shooters. But still depending on considerable knowledge in wedding photography editing art and techniques, we have no doubts that most clients choose either light and naturally looking variants of wedding retouch or ask for really advanced wedding photo edit like celebrities in popular magazines have. There are two extremes. But still manipulators may cope with both variants on the highest level and reasonable rate. It is easier to find such services which are safe and sound rather than seek for freelance digital artist.

In pleasant addition to these extremes, our motivated & trained specialists are frequently asked to provide wedding montage. Really this service in wedding photo retouching really contains lots hidden difficulties, due to which not every retouching company is able to present it. But we boast about this retouching service. Thus, if you are creative and crazy enough consider this brunch of wedding photography edit and enjoy unusual beauty of your wedding album.

Our amazing photo editing price


$ 500/wedding

Culling,Color Correction,Retouching Maximum 150 images


$ 1050/wedding

Culling,Color Correction, Retouching Maximum 300 images


$ 1500 /wedding

Culling,Color Correction,Retouching maximum 550 images with premium album design

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